Your journey is important to me. Nothing lights me up more than the transformations I get to see right before my eyes.

Here are some reviews from my private and business clients.

I was juggling two businesses and a sports philanthropy project in Eastern Uganda . I had an ‘idea’ of the magnitude of work to be done and the intentions to plan things out, I thought I had things understood until I reached out to Nisha, albeit reluctantly. I wasn’t sure about coaching or how it would help me or the project. Well…I did reach out and I am so glad I did.
I knew Nisha worked within the sports industry, and having met a couple of times she was also an inspiring and grounded person to be around.
Nisha helped me visualize and create what essentially became the 2019 road-map for the DIDA project. She helped me plan ahead, and consider what actions the team and I needed to put in place to accomplish our goals. It was the practical techniques and patience she maintained with me during our sessions that were so empowering and transforming I felt a huge weight had been lifted.
I started to realise during our sessions, I was in essence, living the key values of the project and what DIDA actually stands for; Develop, Inspire, Discipline, Achieve. I shared with Nisha that with her coaching I was DEVELOPING myself to take on what needed to be done; I was INSPIRED in each session by Nisha and her coaching; with commitment to have regular sessions I had DISCIPLINE and structure which inevitably allowed me to focus on key actions and priorities and ultimately ACHIEVE the goals we had set within the values for DIDA!

DIDA’s goal is to enhance maximal sporting development communities and youth, with Nisha’s coaching, we have been able to stand true to our key values. I would gladly work with Nisha again both for myself but also for my team.
— Naki Kadu - CEO - Project Lead, DIDA Sports Organisation C.I.C

Nisha has been an amazing source of insight and calm in my life, she has a passion and gift of understanding and support that just lets me know I am on the right track
— JD - Private Client

Prior to working with Nisha I struggled to believe in myself and knowing if I was making the right decisions, I was reluctant about coaching to begin with as I was under the impression that it was like counselling. My opinion of this changed within our very first session.
Working with Nisha, to be honest has been a dream! She always goes above and beyond to work around my schedule. As a result the coaching has given me a lot of confidence, I’m now able to take life in my stride, I believe in myself now… “I rock”!
Coaching with Nisha was the best decision I ever made.
— TP - Private Client
I had no self-confidence or belief in my ability, or judgement to put any of my desires into practise. Nisha always listened, and provided constructive and helpful techniques to understand my predicament from all sides. She has helped me put some routine back into my life, but also taught me how to step back from situations and have more faith in myself and life. Nisha – thank you for really listening and always going over and above my expectations. Your sessions have been really helpful and I look forward to continued coaching in the near future.
— Anonymous – Private Client

As business owner, I am passionate about people and their development, both personally and professionally. I understand the importance of getting the best out of my staff which impacts our customer service levels and the business as a whole, to date we have secured five gold awards representing our region within only 3 years of opening. With this in mind, it was imperative for me to end the year with a visionary session that would start 2019 off in the right way for my team and their goals for the new year, whilst also creating more harmony and collaborative thinking.
Nisha delivered a brilliant staff growth and goal setting workshop to all members of my team, I had some reservations around how she would be able to engage all the staff and make it relevant to everyone, given their different strengths and backgrounds, however, she executed this effortlessly! within a short space of time Nisha had everyone in the room engaging openly and positively with each other. She set the tone and agenda very clearly and delivered a high impact session. Nisha had the ability to get everyone aware of their strengths and weaknesses, the team were then able to self-assess and provide a number of solutions, tools and resolutions to their own obstacles and behaviours. The team spoke openly and honestly and the session also created their personal and professional goals. Nisha was able to bring out the teams values, desires and areas of improvement, she implemented simple steps and guidelines they could take away and incorporate into their lives immediately. I am keen for Nisha to work with the team again and incorporate coaching and training around self-development going forward. I highly recommend both 1-2-1 and group coaching sessions with Nisha.
— Chirag Hirani – Founder and owner – Hair Lab

Nisha has a natural ability to listen and understand my biggest challenges. Through coaching I have developed a greater sense of awareness around my thoughts and beliefs. Nisha has helped me create extremely useful techniques that help me to take control of my life, my anxiety and and have strengthened my personal and professional relationships!
— VP - Private Client
I used to think coaching was a “trendy” soft talking type of counselling/therapy... and then I discovered constructive and powerful techniques to overcome my predicaments
— SS - Private Client

corporate clients

Nisha is an absolute credit to Tottenham and she truly sums up everything that’s great about the customer facing side of the club.
I have dealt with her for a number of years as a corporate customer and since Nisha joined, the entire experience and perception of THFC has been transformed.
She has been great to deal with, so accommodating at every point and there have been numerous occasions where a small but completely unexpected touch has transformed the experience for me, my clients or my family.
Whilst the playing staff naturally get the headlines, it’s people like Nisha (and the special team behind the scenes), who have completely changed the feel and engagement of customers such as myself.
A great signing!
— Lawrence Bond - Director - BondMoran Recruitment

I’ve worked with Nisha for over 5 years and during this time she has always given our company a great service, more importantly Nisha has always managed my expectations so I know what to expect. Nothing is ever too much trouble and her hard working approach is a credit to Thfc. Another quality that Nisha has is that she ‘listens’ and has always taken on board any constructive feedback that I have given to always improve what we do.
— Nick Taglarini - Director - Pexhurst
I have been a client of Nisha now for several years and aside from being one of the most honest and nicest people in the industry, she has always delivered well beyond any expectations. Nisha is very thorough and a real asset to any business.
— Gary Taylor - Director - Property and Finance Solutions

Nisha has looked after us at SJE along with all our clients at Spurs for many years now both at White Hart Lane and now at Wembley. Nisha is always extremely polite, professional, knows what clients want or need at all times and always gets the job done, in reality Nisha along with her team at Spurs make the day what it is for all our clients, friends and families.
— Steve Crease - Operations Director - SJ Eastern Carpentry & Joinery

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